Nothing Short of Miraculous

Since I have no formal medical training, I would like to provide you with my layman’s point of view of my case and the incredible journey I undertook. In early January of 2015 I developed a serious problem in my lower back and spine, which caused excruciating pain to the point where I was rendered incapable of basic normal function and activities. To give you a perception of the level of pain, I likened it to childbirth, the only difference for me is that with childbirth it would cease with the birth of the baby, and this pain was continuous. In retrospect there were signs and symptoms for a few months earlier, but they were tolerable; it was during this two-week period that I became incapacitated and sought care from my family doctor. Upon examining me in his office, his concern was immediate and unequivocal; I needed to go to the Mission Hospital Emergency Room for tests and further evaluation. After several hours and multiple tests, it was determined that I must be admitted to the hospital and a complete neurological examination and evaluation performed. Enter Dr. Taghva. It was late Thursday evening when Dr. Taghva came into my room and advised me that I was in need of immediate emergency surgery. Of course, at 85 years of age, hearing that you require back surgery is quite a shocking revelation unto itself. Dr. Taghva was clear, precise and detailed in his diagnosis and explanation of the procedure required to alleviate the pain and correct the problem, and conveyed the seriousness to me by advising me he was willing to perform the surgery the next morning. Having been reasonably healthy and strong throughout my life, of course I thought somehow I could summon the strength to overcome it, and my family and I asked Dr. Taghva if there were other modalities of treatment that perhaps could be beneficial. While he described things that could be implemented, he was adamant that surgery was an absolute necessity. While I asked if I could think it over for a couple of days, the medical team was equally as adamant that I could not be discharged in that condition. After careful contemplation, facing relentless pain and a total inability to function in any normal fashion, I asked the nursing staff to contact Dr. Taghva on Sunday afternoon (following my Thursday admission) and Dr. Taghva was kind enough to schedule me for surgery on Monday morning.

Dr. Taghva performed my surgery that Monday morning in January of 2015. When I awakened from the anesthetic after leaving the operating room, I was alert, felt comfortable, was in good spirits, and I noticed something amazing and stunning … I felt absolutely no pain whatsoever! The nurses, of course, as is general course of action after a significant back surgery, I suspect, offered me pain medication, which I promptly declined because I simply had no need for it. And, in fact, I required basically no pain medication thereafter. After a brief stay at Mission Hospital, Dr. Taghva ordered a stint of physical rehab; my physical abilities returned rapidly and I was discharged in a couple of weeks, in my opinion, in superb physical condition. Since that time, I have returned to all my normal day to day activities, and have had no pain, no discomfort, and no problem whatsoever with my back. It is now June of 2016, approximately 18 months post surgery.

While I understand I don’t have the expertise to describe the specifics of the medical procedure, I can certainly tell you from a layman’s point of view that considering the dire circumstances I was in, the surgery Dr. Taghva performed was nothing short of miraculous …and to say the results were amazing, impressive and spectacular might even be an understatement. For me, for all intents and purposes, Dr. Taghva saved my life, and the success of my surgery is a true testament to his skills and expertise as a neurosurgeon.

Beside possessing an educational background that would cause envy among even his most renowned colleagues, Dr. Taghva showed incredible care, concern and attentiveness to me throughout this entire process, including displaying a friendly personality, quick wit, and captivating charm. I am sure God was watching over me that night in the Emergency Room of Mission Hospital when Dr. Taghva walked into my hospital room and into my life. I know I was surely blessed because of it. I am forever grateful and indebted to Dr. Taghva.


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  • Deloris C.
  • Ladera Ranch, California