“I will be by your side” – Dr. Taghva

Doctors McFarland, Sieglen, Massoudi, and Madara,
I am writing this letter today to thank each of you individually and your organizations for allowing me the opportunity to have met a man of such as Alexander Taghva MD. I am the son of poor Scottish immigrants, an Ex Army Paratrooper, Ex Police Officer, and currently Vice President of a successful Finance organization and I have never asked any man in my 55 years on this earth for anything, not ever. It was in my time of need, at my most vulnerable that Alexander Taghva MD, reached out to me, and I asked him with tears in my eyes, “Doctor, Please help Me”! He shook my hand, gave me a hug and made me a promise, he promised me, “I will be by your side, and do the best I can to help Stephanie and you through this very troubling time.”

He kept his word to me, and has been there, every step of the way, and has greatly increased my wife’s quality of life to a point, that she is living a happy, vital and productive life again. I don’t know the proper way to thank your colleague, but I at least wanted to thank each of you for allowing me the opportunity to have met a man of such honor and integrity that as I write this my eyes fill with tears. I am an old soldier, and I understand the meaning of Oaths, Honor, Duty and Integrity and Dr. Alexander Taghva MD is the epitome of each one of those words. Hippocrates must be looking down on him and saying “Exactly, Exactly”.

He is a credit to your organizations and Profession !!!
Sincerely and humbly,

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  • James G.