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  • My highest recommendation to Dr. Taghva, Vanessa and the rest of the team.

    I recently had major surgery on my cervical spine. Work was done from C3 to T1. I was suffering from severe stenosis and losing the ability to use my left arm and hand.

    Dr. Taghva performed the surgery and was assisted by his nurse practitioner Vanessa Stroessner. It’s been a few months since the surgery and I have full use of my arm and hand. I had always heard Dr. Taghva was an extraordinary surgeon and after being living proof I whole heartedly agree.

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  • Helped with my pain 100%

    I had a trial stimulator put in two weeks ago since I have scoliosis and spinal stenosis and helped with my pain 100%. Yesterday he inserted permanent stimulator inside me. I am so happy and love Dr Tagvha. I highly recommend him and has a wonderful bedside manner. Best neurosurgeon. Dr. Alexander Tagvha is my hero.

    Christina C.

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  • Dr. Taghva is my hero.

    Dr. Taghva is my hero. I had a herniated disc and spinal stenosis with pressure on the upper spine area. After 3 hours of surgery I was up and walking pain free right away. My recovery in just 2-3 weeks had me walking without any walker or back brace and I am feeling terrific.

    Thank you so much Dr. Taghva.

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  • Thank you, Dr. Taghva, for giving me a big part of my life back.

    5 years ago I was sent to Dr. Taghva by my pain management specialist. He had very thorough tests done. He told me that it was his opinion that I had RSD aka CRPS. After much discussion with my pain specialist, I had a spinal cord stimulator implanted. I loved the relief it gave me.

    A few years later, I was back in Dr. Taghva’s office with excruciating pain that had spread. I was in so much pain that all I wanted was to not feel pain. Yes, I was ready to end my pain any way possible. Before doing anything drastic, I sought out help from Dr. Taghva, not really believing anything could help. I was so wrong.

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  • Completely pain free. It is unreal!

    I went ahead with the operation, and I am so glad that I did. Immediately after I awakened from the operation,
    I felt like I could go home.- Joseph R.

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