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Treating Parkinson’s disease with deep brain stimulation

Parkinson’s disease is a debilitating condition, and a new treatment — deep brain stimulation or DBS — may help patients with their tremors and shuffling. Neurosurgeon Alexander Taghva, M.D., explains the symptoms and treatments of Parkinson’s and which patients are good candidates for DBS implantation.

  • Completely pain free. It is unreal!

    I went ahead with the operation, and I am so glad that I did. Immediately after I awakened from the operation,
    I felt like I could go home.- Joseph R.

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  • “I will be by your side” – Dr. Taghva

    He kept his word to me, and has been there, every step of the way, and has greatly increased my wife's quality of life...
    - James G.

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  • Nothing Short of Miraculous

    When I awakened from the anesthetic after leaving the operating room, I was alert, felt comfortable, was in good spirits, and I noticed something amazing and stunning … I felt absolutely no pain whatsoever! - Deloris C.

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